Ehrbar's Piano

My name is dave land and these are some of my best images. I've sold a few as well, but only enough to prevent me giving up the day job.

Mostly, I feel inspired in and around Berlin, Germany with the occasional fling in Iceland or the USA.

I use a Nikon camera although in the past I have loved my Contax film cameras and wish I still had them.

I'm fully digital now though and I still use a Mac having originally been inspired by Douglas Adam's 'A Salmon Of Doubt'.

The title on my homepage 'Take It At The Flood - The Moment Of Truth' is based on a line from John Hadfield's 'Love On A Branch Line' which in turn comes from Shakespeare's 'Brutus'. Nothing to do with photography....but it's a great line.

I often need inspiration and sometimes it does help to look at the work of others; an early influence was the incredible work of Winston O. Link whose locomotive images are both of a time and yet timeless.

And if I'm in a tight spot and am not sure what to do, I ask myself, "What would Scott Dimond do?" See his work at 'gemstoneimages' to see what I mean!

Strangely, being colour blind, it's likely that you and I see my images quite differently; my approach has always been to go for shape, form and lines and then hope for the best with a calibrated monitor and a good printer.

And, I grew up with both david bowie and beer which is why they both get their own special gallery.

New for 2021 is 'Tickets Please!' a collection of most of the concerts I have attended in my life so far...


dave land

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